About Darryl Vansickle

Sales Representative

Darryl and Jessica Van Sickle bring very different skill sets to give you the maximum when you are looking to make a move in real-estate.

Jessica Van Sickle grew up in a very small rural town two hours north of here. She spent most of her childhood working on farms as well as with her mom who owned her own company. This allowed her to learn at a young age what it means to run a business and how to help clients. Jessica attended college straight out of high school and obtained 2 diplomas which is where her background in accounting and legal administration started from. She has been investing in real estate and managing properties dating back to 2007. During this time she has managed not only her own properties but has managed over 20 units for clients as well ranging from apartment units, detached homes, semi-detached homes, and commercial buildings. This has given her an extensive understanding of property management and the landlord tenant board. Jessica grew up working alongside her mother helping to run her business by going to trade shows helping to sell products, she has a deep understanding of client care and is easy going and fun to be around. With her abilities she has been able to help our buyers find the perfect homes for them.

Darryl van sickle grew up on a 100 acre farm and spent his childhood helping the family maintain this and working for other farmers in the area. This gave him a strong work ethic that he carried into a career as a tool and die maker. During his time as a tool and die maker he quickly advanced to become a team leader where he honed his skills on problem solving and strong process oriented systems. Darryl continues to this day constantly working on ways of improving the results for his clients. This keeps him on top of maximizing the listing experience for potential buyers when they enter a home and in turn working to get his sellers the results they are looking for. With a strong understanding of what the market is doing and how to use this to your advantage. This combined with how to prepare a listing to maximize the buyer’s experience. This gave him the ability to sell 100% of their listing for 3 years straight.